“Ruins of Tallahassee” geology/socio-history pub.

Ruins of Tallahassee

ruins of tallahassee (Anhaica)
by B. Erathat & M. Billing
Mauve Zone pub. Tallahassee Florida USRE.

edition of 25/paper copy


online version (PDF)

concerning the Apalachee First Nation peoples of the North Florida region.

some re-invisioning of Tallahassee colonial history.

In honor of the ruins of Tallahassee, the Mississipian mound building culture that shaped the life of this region of our planet. They were here first. Living history, timeless and interconnected.

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“Ruins of Tallahassee” New publication forthcoming July 2013.

I am pleased to announce that

a next small publication

“Ruins of Tallahassee”, written by Bishra Erathat and published by us Mauve Zone,

will be available during latter half of July 2013.


It is a collaborative effort of some recent discussions, on history of Tallahassee’s indigenous population and the land that people now call Tallahassee Florida, a small town in the south-eastern United States.

Although, the subject matter is written from European/Middle Eastern perspective, it has roots in the indigenity of all us humans, where we originally made our homes and the brutal process of displacement that has occurred for many societies. These scars do not dissappear, from the land or the people, they need attention and healing ways. Awareness is key.

More information forthcoming…

Smile Within

Smile Within, Each Moment,

                                                            of Fear and Hope,

                             the very Evil and Ignorance we experience

                  Is a reflection of the Beauty of Our highest capacity

                                                                     to change


Guardian of delusion and evil

Guardian of delusion and evil

In a spirit of benefiting those who hear what they wish to hear,

I am honored to be able to pass along even a partial comprehension of what gleaned of some teachings, in Buddhist traditions in Yoruba traditions in medicine traditions all of which I have had fortune of walking with in some facet.

This I believe and live out as part of old yet, absolutely new and present, prophetic fulfillment of the shift of our earths being into a new way (many cultures, and many transcendental people of various cultures have said this was coming). Some will choose one way some will choose another, still others will not understand and choose not to make choices. We individual humans are all resonance points of light reflection, that weave together to make a network, our higher destiny the noosphere as some call it.

Not to be too lofty or ambitious in thinking I could really teach this, I can only pass along what is given to me – it is very pragmatic and Important for each and every one of us to raise our awareness to make some changes,

every change is part of the plan, the mission, if you choose to look at it that way. Our lives are an intricate higher destiny as we also walk in the garden of the earth’s endless formulations. Nothing is a contradiction, everything exists.

“Psychophysical Currency” new publication April 2013.

currency shift

currency shift

a new work
written by Maarc Bilin
with advice attributed to Bishra Erathat
cr 2013 Mauve ZoneGC Polar Publishing.
2013 United States Roman Empire transmutation.

$4 US currency or barter/trades of evolving beings.

limit 18 copy first edit.

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“Psychophysical Currency”
is a collage work/filosphofical multiholistically-academic dissertation on the subject of Universal Energy, Budget Deficits of micro/macro (Debt), and Separation (a Universal karmic implication for many systems these days). Stemming from the author’s small yet intent growth through the ancient wisdom of Buddhist dharma and practice, as applied to a very unique and different culture than the Orient: the United States America.

It is said that bringing Buddhism to a culture is like growing a flower out of a rock. It is the author’s said intent that while this treatize is not affiliated with Buddhism or any direct teaching of Buddha or any arahats, monks, gurus, rinpoches, bhikkus, etc, . . ..the basis of inspiration stems from the profound wisdom derived from this tradition as viewed onto the current American social system. Further, any unintentionally muddled thought, or possibly harmful thought, found within this work, is not intended to bring negativity, and also is not a reflection of any Buddhist tradition whatsoever. This work is simply a personal standpoint based on America history which is, muddled, confused, and a mess on its own, and yet has a beauty and a reality to its existence for all peoples that co-exist here.

currency shift

currency shift